Java Steer Behaviors

This library provides a solution for autonomous characters in animation and games. With this library, characters are provided with a range of behaviors that allow them to dynamically navigate, in an improvisational manner, around a scene. Steers behaviors are individual motion rules which can be combined to fulfill the mobility requirements of each entity.

Dates:Jun 2014 - Sep 2014

Type:Independent development at Google Summer Code, in collaboration with jMonkeyEngine

Related skills:Java, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Behavioral Animation, Game Engines

launch project

The following video presents some of the locomotion behaviors featured by the jMonkeyEngine library.

Rotterdam Shortcut Demo

In this demo, a Java implementation of the A* algorithm is used to find the shortest path between two underground stations. Then, jMonkeyEngine is used to represent the results in three dimensions. The jMonkeyEngine Steer Library is used to move a train through the railway.

Date:November 2015

Type:Academic Team Project

User Interface, Visualization, Behavioral Animation

Related skills:Rendering, Modeling, Texturing, UI Design, Java, Behavioral Animation, Game Engines

The steer behaviors applied to the train are:

  • Path Follow: The first train wagon will lead the way through a path created linking the station's coordinates
  • Leader Follow: The second wagon will follow the first one, the third wagon will follow the second one, and so forth

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