The Final Test

The Final Test is a sci-fi ambiented action game, with a straightfordward plot where humans have been invaded by aliens and are subjected to innumerable experiments. In the game, you will face countless aliens gathered from all parts of the universe that receive orders from their master.

Dates:Jun 2014 - Present

Type:Independent team development

Roles taken:
Founder, director, 3D/2D artist, level designer, computer animator, software engineer

Achievements:Featured at Cryengine official news

Related skills:Project managment, C++, LUA scripting, FMOD audio middleware, software builds, level design, 3D modeling and texturing, 3D animation, game engines

launch project

I've been responsible for the animation and imagery of the following trailer cinematic, rendered with VRay. FumeFX is used for the explosions and particle effects.

The project was founded with the main purpose of learning, accepting collaborations from whoever is decided to increase his experience in the field of video game development. The following videos illustrate very well the work we have done.

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